Monday, April 9, 2012

Getting Acquainted

Grant Parker Nielson
born April 3rd, 2012 @ 8:40pm
Weighing 7lbs. 11oz. Length- 21''

Lovin this sweet little baby of mine

All the hooligans...4 kids...WOW!!!!

"Who's the BIG brother... oh ya!"

"Alright...I guess another boy will be okay!"

"Uhhh... you said he looks like me, mom ...
I don't really think so!"

Just after delivery, and headed to get some much
needed REST!

Another attempt at a family photo.

Welcome to your new home, Grant!

Enjoying their new little brother to pieces!

Easter Morning! What a perfect way to celebrate

Being so helpful

Sister is in LOVE

"Looking for a little attention over here..."

Daddy bonding with Grant, watching a Spurs game no doubt!

"Is there still room on that lap for me?"


Bennions said...

Congratulations! What a beautiful boy. I love his name. If Amanda would have been a boy she would have been named Grant. Hard to believe you already have four children. Sooo exciting. We love you. Tiffany

Stacie said...

I obviously haven't spent enough time on Facebook if I am just getting this news now, but I am so thrilled to hear it! Congrats on another beautiful baby boy! You look fabulous, by the way. The kids all look so happy. And how neat to be home in time for Easter. We loved celebrating Easter when Owen was just days old three years ago...such a special time. You had my bottom in pain, though, when I saw the pictures of you sitting on the floor. You are a tough cookie. :) Hope this transition goes well, that everyone stays healthy and happy and that you get some sleep! Love ya!

jayme said...

Congratulations! Ben and I were just wondering how your family was doing last week. Glad I saw your Facebook post which eventually led me to this.
Your kiddos are getting so big! Where are you guys living now?